Windows93 is a website styled to look like early 2000's internet and has a lot of fun applications such as emulators, art programs, and more! Usually not blocked on school devices.

The 88x31 GIF Collection: Exactly what it sounds like, a ton of old buttons from the 1990s to early 2000s.

Your World of Text is an infinite site where any person who visits it can edit text on any part of the grid.

r/Place atlas basically just an archive of r/Place with a description for every single piece of art and history on r/Place!

ASCII art creator The name is self explanatory! Make your own ASCII art!

Waifu2x a site for resizing images & making them more high quality - specifically designed for manga/anime styles.

Superbad I don't know what to say for this one. Have fun exploring!


Burypink website created by a touhou, vocaloid, and anime enthusiast! I like to explore this site and read about their interests.

Cadnomori someone's personal neocities site. Shrines, about, and other pages. Cute layout and graphics~ good for inspiration!

Dokodemo Sunny's personal site! Based off the old web and is made to entertain others and represent the owner's love for the internets!

Sninkygle Odd website, similar to, with text wrapping around the page and other places to go when you click on specific elements

Bill's World BROWSE THE WEB LIKE IT'S 1999! Fantastic personal site belonging to bill which is sorta like a time capsule for viewers in the future !!! Super cool!!!!

Housefly You'll catch death out there, hurry in.

Komaeda To be honest, I don't even know how to describe this one. Just have fun with it, I guess!

Max2019 Leftovers from a 2018 tumblr ARG. Fun to explore. If you're interested on learing more about the ARG, I recommend Izzzyzzz' video here

Zanarkand! Animecore fever dream! Cute layout + aesthetics + graphics! Nowhere near complete, but fun to explore nonetheless!

EYESTRAIN WARNING: y2k A website made to improve the owner's coding skills. Features their personal bookmarks, graphic, arts, shrines, etc.

EYESTRAIN WARNING vomitboyz Gabriel's homepage. Another animecore themed site. Includes: shrines, graphic collection, fun stuff!

Mainly fandom stuff

Yume Nikki Fandom Wiki Exactly what it sounds like! Guides, effects, character profiles, events, and more!

Yume 2kki Fandom Wiki Wiki for Yume 2kki, a Yume Nikki fangame! Same contents as the YN Wiki!

Uboachan Message board for Yume Nikki themed stuff. Select this text for the CWs: Rape, r slur, mentions of menstruation, more. Browse at your own risk.

Yume Nikki Merch Images A folder with all the known/found images of old Yume Nikki merch from 2011 ~ 2015.

Raw Translated Yume Nikki Files All the Yume Nikki files but

Hololive Pixel Art Collection of all the profiles of every member of Hololive Japan, art by @tengnose1988 on twitter.

Hololive Official Website Self explanatory. Includes schedules, member profiles, goods, and events.

Hololive LINE Stickers Collection of all pngs of the Hololive LINE stickers currently available

Hololive Fan Wiki Exactly what it sounds like, member profiles, schedules, and more.

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